ProbeVue ProbeVue
ProbeVue is a lightweight dynamic tracing environment introduced in AIX 6.1. This page is meant to provide the AIX administrator & ProbeVue developer with resources on best utilizing the probevue tool and understanding the Vue language.



  •  PowerPoint on Vue   June 2010 Presentation to the NY Metro AIX/Linux User Group. The link at the left is HTML generated from PowerPoint. The following are some alternate links: PPTX (Breaks virtually every browser), PPT (Legacy versions), PDF (Large/14 Meg), and PDF (Small/1.3 Meg - Some code samples are illegible).
  •  ProbeVue QuickSheet   This is a ProbeVue specific version of the popular QuickSheets. It is a quick reference for features and functions of the Vue language as well as the probevue command.
  •  On Using ProbeVue   Problems with and fixes for some of the problems encountered with ProbeVue are captured here. Some discussion of PMRs as well as language / tool issues that did not generate a PMR with IBM.
  •  Vue Scripts   A collection of sample ProbeVue scripts
  •  Why Dynamic Tracing?   A Unix administrator asks "Why should I learn dynamic tracing?" This is my reply.
  •  Wikipedia ProbeVue page   My contribution to Wikipedia