Vue Scripts

Scripts on this page tend to fall into three categories; working tools, simplified examples, and bug demonstrations (typically for IBM/PMR purposes). The scripts as currently presented do not differentiate between the types other than in the descriptions. Read the descriptions and code/comments carefully before using.


forkstat   Watches fork() and exec() calls system wide. Reports numerical stats or lists each fork/exec call.
movinggraph.e   This script is similar to forkstat in that it shows exec() calls. The key difference is that it shows them in a rolling graph over a repeating interval. (This is a graph producing script, rather than a simple list of data points.) Furthermore the script is designed so that the triggering event/probe can be changed to something else (other than counting exec() calls).
forkexecline.e   This is another script similar to forkstat and movinggraph.e. The difference here is that the data is displayed on two lines of header information and a single line of data. Instead of scrolling (like vmstat) the data line is refreshed with new data each iteration. The point is to present an alternative method to display data. A similar example (of this display method is used for the mmapsline.e script.
filesopened   List files opened by PID or process name.
piostat.e   [PMR Error sample] Show read/write statistics for a PID. This script DOES NOT PROVIDE RELIABLE DATA. An open PMR with IBM is awaiting resolution for this script.
uftdbg.tar   This is an example of the conditional compiling of uft probes in an application for debugging purposes. This tar file contains a sample Hello World! application with a make file that will compile in special functions that probevue will then monitor. These functions can then be used to trigger debug messages or stack traces, etc...
longprob.e   [PMR Error sample] This script was used to demonstrate a problem with accessing long entry class variables and with the long data type when tracing 32-bit processes.
scopeprob.e   [PMR Error sample] What appears to be a scoping problem was found on a system. This script (and the accompanying output scopeprob.out) were used as a demonstration of that problem.
tprob.e   [PMR Error sample] This script is a demonstration of the (brokenness of the) trace() functionality within a tentative tracing "block".
mmapsline.e   Reports count, average/min/max request size of system-wide mmap() calls to a single line refresh type output. Updates per-second. This is basically a modification of the forkexecline.e script for a different syscall.
pnamesnoop.e   Captures all stdin to all processes matching the string-input parameter. This script has obvious security implications as it gives the user the ability to watch other users keystrokes real-time.
ulong-problem.tar.gz   Sample code and oputput for the unsigned long problem.