ifstat AIX network performance monitoring tool
errbr: A curses based error log browser.
QuickSheets: Handy reference sheets that list common AIX & APV  commands, concepts, and administrative tasks.
AIX QuickSheet: AIX specific QuickSheet with commands, concepts, and administrative tasks.
AIX QuickStart: QuickStart for AIX (more information than a QuickSheet)
PowerVM QuickSheet: PowerVM specific QuickSheet with commands, concepts, and administrative tasks.
PowerVM QuickStart: Introductory QuickStart for PowerVM with examples.
Vue Presentation: Presentation to NY Metro AIX / Linux UG. (Alternative formats here.)
Why dynamic tracing?: Introduction to concepts and importance of dynamic tracing tools.
ProbeVue QuickSheet: A QuickSheet for probevue and the Vue language
ProbeVue Section: ProbeVue documentation, resources, and scripts
Customizing SMIT: A how-to guide with samples for creating your own SMIT screens.
Intro to topas: An interactive introduction to topas and starting point for AIX performance tuning with the topas command and what tools to use next.
Shell scripting paper: Shell Performance, Convenience, and Compatibility issues across different shell implementations on popular Unix operating systems.
mvdev: A script used to change disk device names.
sread: A stanza file reader. Use this utility to retrieve individual "rows" or "columns" from stanza files.
hbainfo: A utility for retrieving additional information about your HBA not provided by the standard OS utilities.