hbainfo is an AIX and Solaris utility to retrieve information and statistics about a HBA.

hbainfo is a tool that uses the SNIA HBA API. I wrote it to fill a need on an AIX system and have since ported it to Solaris. Since I have written this, AIX now includes a similar utility. The "native" Solaris fcinfo and the AIX fcstat commands may be more appropriate than running hbainfo. The key benifit of my version is the open source and fairly liberal (BSD) license I have put on my version.

Here is the output from a actual AIX system
# ./hbainfo fcs0
Total Adapters:                 3
This Adapter Index:             0
Adapter Name:                   com.ibm-df1000fa-1
Manufacturer:                   IBM
SerialNumber:                   1F5460C093
Model:                          df1000fa
Model Description:              FC Adapter
HBA WWN:                        20000000C950C114
Node Symbolic Name:
Hardware Version:
Driver Version:       
Option ROM Version:             02881914
Firmware Version:               TD190A4
Vendor Specific ID:             0
Number Of Ports:                1
Driver Name:                    /usr/lib/drivers/pci/efcdd
Port Index:                     0
Node WWN:                       20000000C950C114
Port WWN:                       10000000C950C114
Port Fc Id:                     69376
Port Type:                      Fabric
Port State:                     Operational
Port Symbolic Name:
OS Device Name:                 fcs0
Port Supported Speed:           2 GBit/sec
Port Speed:                     2 GBit/sec
Port Max Frame Size:            2112
Fabric Name:                    100000051E35F168
Number of Discovered Ports:     2
Seconds Since Last Reset:       280542
Tx Frames:                      21167907
Tx Words:                       0
Rx Frames:                      15316350
Rx Words:                       30510350
LIP Count:                      0
NOS Count:                      0
Error Frames:                   0
Dumped Frames:                  0
Link Failure Count:             1
Loss of Sync Count:             5
Loss of Signal Count:           0
Primitive Seq Protocol Err Cnt: 0
Invalid Tx Word Count:          8
Invalid CRC Count:              0

The Distribution:

The distribution is C source and AIX 5.3 / Sparc Solaris 10 compiled binary.


   hbainfo-1_6_0.tar.gz - Tested / used on AIX. Will not work on Solaris.

   hbainfo-1_7_0.tar.gz - Tested / used on Solaris. Will work on Solaris, not tested on AIX.

   hbainfo (gcc on AIX 5.3 TL5)

   hbainfo.sol10sparc (gcc on Sparc Solaris 10)

This code is released under the BSD license.

Finding The WWNs of HBAs in AIX

If you are just looking to find the WWN of a HBA it is much easier to run a script like this.

Use this script to create a CSV list of all HBAs and WWNs on a system


for FCSX in `lscfg | grep fcs | awk '{ print $2 }'`
   echo ${FCSX}${CSV}`lscfg -vl ${FCSX} | grep "Network Address" | sed -e "s/^.*\.//"`${CSV}`lscfg -l ${FCSX} | awk '{ print $2 }'`

Application Notes: