The items here do not fall under a specific Unix but are more generic than the vendor/distribution specific items in the Linux, AIX or Solaris pages. Additional items can be found on the Samples page and the QuickSheet page.

Shell QuickSheet: A shell (language) QuickSheet for the Bourne and Bourne-derived shells.
Shell scripting paper: Shell Performance, Convenience, and Compatibility issues across different shell implementations on popular Unix operating systems.
Unix Timekeeping: Documentation on Unix timekeeping for administrators, developers and users.
Why dynamic tracing?: Introduction to concepts and importance of dynamic tracing tools.
Unix QuickSheet: A Unix beginners QuickSheet with basic Unix commands and concepts.
pong: A ping-like utility that works at the port level.
TestPipe: A client server pair of binaries to measure network bandwidth or generate network load without a need for disk access on either system.
webhead: This utility is used to return the header response from a web server using the HEAD (request) method.
rsyslog: A remote syslog client that can send syslog messages to remote servers (from the command line).
lsyslog: A syslog daemon with a rules processing engine that can filter incoming syslog messages for facility, priority, hostname and/or key words. Messages can be re-routed to an ITO console, another syslog daemon, SOC System, or to an alternate source such as a web page.