pong is a utility that goes one step beyond ping by allowing you to check to see if a port is listening on an address. It issues a connect() call to that address / port pair and provides additional diagnostic information about the process.

Here is the help output from the command:

pong - A port-level ping utility.
       Version: 0.6.3
       Usage: pong -h | [ [ [-v][-v] | [-q] ] <address> <port> ] 
        -q   Be quiet.
        -v   Be verbose (stack v's for effect).
        -h   Show help screen.

The Distribution:

The distribution is C source and a number of pre-compiled binaries.




   OS X (10.4) Universal binary

   Linux (2.6) Static binary

   FreeBSD (6) Static binary

This code is released under the BSD license.

Application Notes: