Items listed in chronological order, latest additions first.

Current Resume [Update] Recent work activity
Shell QuickSheet [Update] Minor fixes and additions
Maps & Prints [Update] Fixed (simplified) map pages that broke on some browsers
PowerVM QuickStart [Update] Fixed an error
Package Management [New] A paper on using installp and RPM packages for configuration management
Shell QuickSheet [New] The link no longer "hides" on the Shell scripting paper page
Shell scripting paper [Update] Corrections, clarifications, and addition of FreeBSD results
Systems Documentation [New] An argument for, and means to better systems documentation
Vue Presentation [New] Presentation to NY Metro AIX / Linux UG. (Alternative formats here.)
Maps & Prints [New] Completely new maps and prints section
Shell scripting paper [New] Shell Performance, Convenience, and Compatibility
errbr [Update] New (threaded) version, new documentation, new packages
PowerVM QuickSheet [New] Re-write of the previous APV QuickSheet
errbr [Update] Note and offer for the pthreaded version
errbr [Update] Fixed broken link to source version 0.32.3
PowerVM QuickStart [Update] Reformatting of text, clarifications, & additions
ifstat [Update] Improvements, now in AIX package format
AIX QuickStart [New] QuickStart for AIX
ifstat [New] AIX network performance monitoring tool
AIX QuickSheet [Update] New 6.1 additions, reformatting, & other changes