Package Management for System Administration

Synopsis: Configuration management via the system package manager. A quick how-to on creating system configuration packages in installp and RPM formats - targeted to the administrator crowd.
The paper: Package creation for admins

A discussion on systems documentation

Synopsis: My arguments for more effective systems documentation efforts.
The paper: On Systems Documentation

Shell Performance, Convenience, and Compatibility

Synopsis: Performance and compatibility trade-offs of advanced scripting constructs.
The paper: Shell Scripting Paper

Extending SMIT For Common Localized Tasks

Synopsis: Extend the AIX SMIT interface to include screens for locally written applications (and scripts). Includes a series of sample screens and explanations that demonstrate the creation of a simple SMIT application.
The paper: Customize SMIT

On Virtualization

Synopsis: Virtualization is a technology that gets green billing but is really driven more by the basic economics of IT. While going green may be a "popular" argument for virtualization technologies, it is really more about improving efficiencies and reducing costs.
Download: on_virtualization.pdf

Introduction to topas

Synopsis: An interactive guide to using topas on AIX.
The paper: Introduction to topas

Unix Time

Synopsis: Understanding how timekeeping works on a Unix system for system administrators, developers, and users.
The paper: Keeping Time on Unix Systems

Why Dynamic Tracing?

Synopsis: A short discussion on the importance of dynamic tracing tools to the modern Unix administrator.
The paper: Why Dynamic Tracing?