I hesitate to call these advertisements propaganda as they really lack the "bite" of the 1918 advertisements. (This page is really created in contrast to the original 1918 page). It is possible that the advertisements earlier in the war were more propagandistic, but you sense a tone in these ads that is dealing more about life after the war.

When this issue went to press, the allies were nearly victorious in Europe with just over a month left in that theatre. The result of the war in the Pacific was less clear (in terms of time and costs) but the certanty of victory was obvious. This optimism is evident in the tone of the advertising presented here.

While I only included a single railroad ad here, a significant ratio of the 1945 ads were for railroads.

As mentioned on the 1918 page, a 1967 copy (that I have) makes absolutely no mention of the conflict in Vietnam. The recent copies I have make no mention of the current conflict in the Gulf (in the advertisements). The impact of the two world wars is harder to comprehend by people of my age who have never had to be inconvenienced by such a conflict.

Lockheed for Leadership Association of American Railroads
Der Gabelschwanz Teufel - "fork-tailed devil"
Look to Lockheed for leadership
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Association of American Railroads
All United for Victory
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Studebaker National Dairy Products Corporation
Wartime builder of Wright Cyclone Engines for Boeing Flying Fortress
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National Dairy Products Corporation
A tip to the women in their lives!
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Greyhound Bell Telephone System
Highways will be Happy ways again
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Bell Telephone System
If only switchboards grew on trees!
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Coca-Cola Eastman Kodak
The American way
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Eastman Kodak
Wherever he goes...
a bit of home goes with him
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Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Hamilton Watch
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
The man who took Tuberculosis in his stride...
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Wait for the new Hamilton you'll be glad you did
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