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The above links are my most current resume. This resume and page is for information only, I am not seeking employment at this time.

I consider myself an IT generalist, in that I have a strong grasp of many different and varied areas of IT. At one time or another I have been asked to specialize in these areas during my career and have considered myself an IT specialist in these disciplines. Across all these knowledge areas I have done development and have backed my experience with a firm understanding of computer science and IT management.

Big Unix
(AIX & Solaris)
Little Unix
(Linux & BSD)
Storage Oracle
Foundation of development and computer science experience

A considerable amount of my career has been within the reseller community. This has given me experience with virtually every kind of IT sector from government, utilities, banking, finance, manufacturing, medical/pharma, service providers, and regulated industries to name a few. I have also worked within the channel that has afforded me a unique access to vendors and specialized training on products. I have also worked for end users in enterprise (1K+ servers) environments that has demonstrated my ability to work within the demands of IT organizations this size.

My career, training, and experience has given me a deep and wide perspective on the needs of those I work for. My focus has been on providing the most cost effective solutions with a goal of reducing costs and advancing business goals by leveraging IT capabilities.

Latest certifications can be found here.

I am not seeking employment at this time.


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