Harpers Ferry 1834 Harpers Ferry 1876
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The 1834 print does not have a signature that I can find so the engraver is unknown. It is highly detailed and differs significantly from the later image on the right. In my experience, this is typical of engravings from before and after the war. The quantity seems to have had significant growth in the post Civil War half of the 19th century, typically at the expense of quality frequently seen in the pre-war half.

The 1876 image (on the right) is signed by "V. Karsk". It is interesting that the foreground in the right picture gets more "abstract" the closer to the bottom and corners it gets. The grass in the lower right hand side almost appears to be hiding something. This may be an "artistic method" to draw the eye to the more organized center of the image. The lower-left hand side of this image has what clearly appear to be the initials, either "AR.W.", "AR.W.N.", or "R.W.N." in the grass. This effect is not noticeable until you look for it, then it becomes quite prominent.

A modern image of Harpers Ferry can be found on the places page.