Sebastian Münster (1489 - 1552) was a German mathematician and linguist at the University of Heidelberg, and from 1529, at the University of Basle. He is known primarily for two works, Cosmographia and (an edition of Ptolemy's) Geographia.

The Cosmographia was first published in 1544 consisting mainly of woodcut prints. It would be re-issued in multiple languages and versions for nearly a century by his step-son Henri Petri (last Petri version was in 1628). Many of the later versions substituted copper-plate engravings for the earlier woodcuts.

Many of the woodcuts and engravings from these works are commonly attributed to Münster although a significant number were by others who contributed throughout the various versions.

Additional woodcuts can be found on the Munster Woodcuts (2) page.

Munster Monster Munster Ram
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Munster Cannibals Munster Camel
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Munster Bear Munster Goats
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