hbastat is a Linux disk performance tool that displays disk statistics and groups and aggregates those stats by either hba (controller) or by multipath device.

hbastat provides (many of) the same statistics as iostat but the results are grouped in a more meaningful way.

hbastat uses code from ppath group stats by multipath device.


Currently hbastat does not give all the disk stats available. This is kind of a limitation, but really it is used primarily to see what a HBA or multipath device is getting in terms of its capacity. iostat can be used to get more detailed, per-disk info. On the other hand, it would be trivial to write the code to get additional stats in hbastat.

I am using hbastat on a number of systems now and may be adding more data later as its use increases. hbastat is a work in progress in this respect.

The Distribution:


This code is released under the GPL.

Build by uncompressing / taring the package and running "make". It will build on RHEL4 and RHEL5 with the multipath tools installed (including the library etc...). In short, it should run on any system that is currently running multipath and multipathd.