I am an IT professional generalizing in Unix, storage, application development, and databases while specializing in IBM System P - specifically AIX. This site is primarily an effort to share information in these areas.
I believe that understanding the fundamentals of computer science is critical to being a productive member of an information technology team. A knowledge of the underlying technology beyond the product interface allows one to quickly understand problems, find better solutions, and more effectively adapt to change.
I collect maps and prints primarily from the 15th to mid 19th centuries.
I have lived in OH, AZ, (So)CA, CO, MI, MA, NY, and PR; but I currently reside in Keene, NH.
I am a religous believer in urban living, public transportation, and good civic design.
My SIG - For those not recognizing the blurb of text that sits at the bottom of many of my emails.
This site does not host ads nor does it seek donations. I do track usage on Google Analytics and monitor access using a web log parser of my own design. None of this info is shared with outside sources - I just want to know what is popular and what is not.
I welcome, and even encourage, commentary, criticisms, and discussions of items I have posted here. I read all mail and (eventually) answer it as well.
Phone: (603)-204-3386
EMail: wfavorite@tablespace.net
My resume.