Shell scripting paper: Shell Performance, Convenience, and Compatibility issues across different shell implementations on popular Unix operating systems.
Why Dynamic Tracing? A short discussion on the importance of dynamic tracing to Unix administrators.
Customizing SMIT A how-to guide with samples for creating your own SMIT screens.
QuickSheets Handy reference sheets that list common commands, concepts, and administrative tasks.
AIX QuickStart (longer / more detail than AIX QuickSheet)
AIX QuickSheet
Solaris QuickSheet
PowerVM QuickStart (longer / more detail than PowerVM QuickSheet)
PowerVM QuickSheet
Unix QuickSheet
DTrace QuickStart
Introduction to topas Interactive documentation for the AIX topas command.
Unix Timekeeping Documentation on Unix timekeeping for administrators, developers and users.
On Virtualization A document on various types of virtualization technologies and why they should be implemented.