The maps and prints on this site are from my personal collection. The ones included here are chosen primarily based upon size as they fit on a standard (consumer) flat-bed scanner. Dates for the pages on the site are from the late 15th century to the 20th with one as early as the 13th century.

It became increasingly time consuming and problematic to offer individual pages with descriptive content for each map and print, so I have transitioned to a simple image browser method that allows me to publish additional content with minimal effort. This represents a clear trade-off for quantity over the additional detail.

The new Maps & Prints section has a more accessible format although less info on each item. The previous section index begins on Maps Page 1. The popular (dedicated) pages have been moved over directly and can be found at the following links:

The content is provided here under the Creative Commons License. PLEASE do not link directly to high resolution (large) images on this site. If you wish to incorporate these images into your page, then COPY them to your site and host them there. I reserve the right to change the content of the images at will - to things that will make your MySpace page look even crappier than it already does.

I used a Create Commons licensed code "library" to display the images called ImageFlow. Inclusion of this notice here is a condition of the non-commercial license - one that I happily adhere to.